GoPro HERO7 camera edition

In the last 10 years, GoPro has been very consistent in releasing new cameras with multiple editions of their cameras for folks with various budgets and various needs. Since GoPro announced the first HERO camera in 2005, every next-generation kept introducing better video quality and incredible features.

The newest of the Hero series is GoPro HERO8 Black. But, before it came out, we also had an equally amazing GoPro HERO7 generation that was released in 2018. Even though 3 years have passed, they are still the most popular models in the GoPro HERO series.

Eager to delve into the world of action cameras? The GoPro HERO7 range is an excellent choice. Let us help you decide which edition suits you best.

Review: GoPro HERO7 Black

GoPro HERO7 camera edition

Touted as one of the most popular action cameras on the market within its price range, the GoPro HERO7 Black has a lot to offer.

Its features, price, and video/audio quality, make it one of the best GoPro cameras for just about anyone.

GoPro HERO7 Black came out in 2018 and its 4K60 quality made it the GoPro camera with the highest video quality + frame rate

Its great features are Hyper Smooth video stabilization, 8x slo-mo, voice controls, a photo timer, and TimeWarp, but also Superview, wide dynamic range, and digital lenses. Oh, did we mention that it can be easily controlled by a smartphone?

A bit of a negative side to HERO7 Black is that it doesn’t take good pictures in low light environments and it can overheat. So, make sure not to expose it to direct sun or leave it in hot areas for too long.

Finally, all HERO7 models are waterproof up to 33ft (10m) but HERO7 Black is also compatible with GoPro Super Suit. With this handy accessory, you can take your HERO7 to underwater adventures up to 196ft (60m) and explore the ocean more thoroughly.

GoPro HERO7 Silver Review

GoPro HERO 7 Silver has a lot fewer features and lower photo and video quality, but it’s a great camera nonetheless.

This camera can record a 4K video with 30 frames, and in 1440p. However, 1440p is not a popular format because of its aspect ratio.

Also, Hero 7 Silver can’t record in 1080p, so this is something to have in mind when buying in.

What people like about this camera is its simplicity and that it’s waterproof up to 10 meters.

On the other hand, people complained a lot about this camera. It doesn’t have the video quality people expect. It is often unreliable, and few people had problems with the camera dying when they tried recording underwater. Its obvious downside also has a non-removable battery.

GoPro HERO7 White Review

GoPro HERO7 White is a budget model, but it doesn’t make it a bad camera. This camera is cheap, yet it makes unbelievably good footage. It doesn’t allow you to record in 4K, but it makes up with other features that GoPro is known for, like stabilization and versatility.

This is a beginner camera it’s made for amateurs that are looking for something to start with.

It doesn’t give you 4K footage that a lot of smartphones have nowadays but it has a good stabilization, it’s waterproof and you can easily edit your footage in the smartphone app.

The biggest issue with HERO7 white is a built-in battery. The length of the video could have been much longer to make up for the lack of the quality, but unfortunately, you will be stuck with a single battery.

GoPro HERO7 Black vs Silver vs White: Notable Differences

The biggest difference between HERO7 Black and the other two cameras in the series are the GoPro accessories you’re using.

Just kidding (kinda)… it’s video and photo quality, and this is a difference everyone can see. More and more devices are starting to get the possibility of 4K60 recording, and in those terms, HERO7 Silver and White will be outdated.

On the other hand, all HERO7 cameras have good stabilization, but of course, HERO7 Black has HyperSmooth stabilization that pushes it up a notch.



If you want to compare the recording’s lengths, HERO7 Black is the winner since it has a removable battery that gives you a lot more time. The second best is the HERO7 Silver that can record even longer than HERO7 Black in 4K30 and 1440p modes, but it has a built-in battery.

All 3 cameras have voice control and touchscreen, but White and Silver lack features such as TimeWarp video, live streaming, SuperPhoto, and GPS performance stickers.

Which GoPro HERO7 Is Best for Me?

Not everyone needs the most expensive, most high quality camera. Some people use older or cheaper models for years, and they are satisfied with each video they make. For other people, the newest 360 camera, a better external microphone, or a better framerate are worth every dollar.

HERO 7 Black vs Silver & White

HyperSmooth stabilization makes your mountain bike videos look extremely smooth. You don’t even have to use a GoPro gimbal to make sure there’s no “shakiness” on the recording. Other great ways to use it is when hiking, mountaineering, and driving.

This camera allows you to record in “portrait” mode footage similar to how your phone records. This way, you can easily post them on Instagram or Snapchat.

On the topic of social media, the Livestream feature gives a great opportunity for all vloggers and influencers to directly stream with a GoPro instead of your smartphone.

The Time-Warp feature is a great upgrade from the last camera. It looks extremely smooth, and you can figure it out by yourself in what ways you can use it.

This is a number 1 pick for everyone interested in mountain biking as it gives you the best footage quality, features, and stabilization for the price range, and your videos will look amazing.

Other hobbies that would find this camera useful include hiking, vlogging, running, and skateboarding. However, even people that are interested in skydiving and motorcycling are saying this is a great pick.

HERO7 Silver vs Black & White

If you are planning on using HERO7 Silver for sports and risk exposing it to physical damage, it isn’t our recommendation. Why? Well, the HERO7 Silver doesn’t have a removable lens.

HERO 7 Silver vs Black

An important difference between HERO7 Black and Silver is the Super view. Even HERO5 Black has it. It’s not something an amateur would need but this is an awesome feature that makes a crazy difference recording compared to the Wide FOV HERO 7 Silver has.

HERO7 Silver vs White

HERO7 Silver is a great choice for you if you are looking for a simple camera that can record in 4K. It also has slow motion, touchscreen, voice control, time-lapse video, and great photo quality.

All of these features are great but they are still a budget version of what HERO7 Black can do. However, a great aspect of HERO7 Silver is that even though it doesn’t have removable batteries, you can record for a long time with this camera.

HERO7 Silver is our recommendation if you are looking for a cheap and simple 4K video camera with stabilization that you can use for recording vlogs, shorter marathons, hiking, surfing, etc. Also, don’t forget the amazing battery life.

HERO7 White vs Black & Silver

GoPro HERO7 camera edition

Similar to HERO7 Silver, this camera doesn’t have a replaceable lens, but it also doesn’t have almost any special features except the 2x slo-mo. Of course, it sports the classic GoPro touchscreen and the voice controls. Still, it’s an incredibly simple model.

This GoPro is meant for beginners. It’s simple and most of the settings can’t be changed, which is good in a way if you don’t plan on using this camera for anything special.

HERO7 White is a camera with basic settings and specifications and you should have that in mind. If you are looking for a cheap and simple camera, you should go with this one, but if you are looking for a feature-rich camera on a budget, HERO6 or even HERO5 black would be a better choice.

GoPro HERO7 White is a camera for casual filmmakers that don’t want much except good and stable footage of their vlog, jog, airsoft match, video of a nice landscape or a city they traveled to.

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I’d endorse the HERO7 Black over the Silver and White for most. That is, for those who don’t mind an extra fifty bucks.

The Silver and White versions lack the Black’s advanced features. They fall short for extreme sports recording.

But if you’re a casual filmmaker or traveler with no extreme sports ambitions, the White and Silver models will serve you well.

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