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Welcome to GoProZone, where passion for extreme sports and GoPro cameras comes to life. Our dedicated team members are here to share their expertise and experiences with you.

Jim Davis – Video Editing Consultant, Ex-Skateboarder, Writer
Jim, a professional video editor, brings his extensive knowledge in filming and editing to the table. As an ex-skateboarder, he has firsthand experience with GoPro cameras and their capabilities. With his writing skills, Jim delivers informative content to help you make the most of your GoPro adventures.

Thomas Hunter – Electrical Engineer and Fisherman
Thomas, Jim’s lifelong best friend, has been capturing thrilling moments on camera for years. While not as skilled on a skateboard, his expertise lies in electrical engineering and fishing. He provides valuable insights and guidance in GoPro-related activities, contributing to our guides and research.

Mary Hunter – Marketing Specialist and Rock Climber
Mary, Thomas’s wife, is a former professional rock climber with a passion for extreme sports. Her experience using GoPro cameras and other accessories adds a unique perspective. As a digital marketing specialist, she played a crucial role in establishing GoProZone and ensuring its success.

Future Members of Our Team

We value growth and aspire to expand our team. If you possess a deep love for extreme sports and GoPro cameras, we welcome you to reach out to us. Join our family and share your expertise with the world.

GoProZone is now under the ownership of A.E.M and collaborates with RESITE to provide you with even more exceptional content. We acknowledge and appreciate the previous team’s dedication and contributions to the site’s success. The A.E.M team will carry on the legacy and continue delivering outstanding content.

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