Our Team

Hey there, assuming you already know everything about us, you're probably interested in the awesome team members I mentioned. 

Let's start with myself:

Jim Davis - Video Editing Consultant, Ex-Skateboarder, Writer


My name is Jim and I'm a father of two, a husband, an extreme sports enthusiast, and a professional video editor. 

In the past, I was a regular high-school/college student that spent most of his time skateboarding and travelling. As you may already know, everyone who loves extreme sports and pulling skateboard stunts loves filming their escapades even more. Thus, I got my hands on the first GoPro camera back in 2005 and I've been in love ever since. 

At some point, thanks to my experience, I started working as a freelance video editor. I even tried my hand at filmmaking! More than ten years later, I live in San Francisco with my family working as a video production consultant.

Thomas Hunter - Jim's Best Friend and a Fisherman


Thomas is my high-school best friend who I've been hanging out with for the last twenty-five years. So, technically, he is not my high-school best friend but my lifetime best friend.

He had always been at my side filming crazy skateboarding tricks and recording videos of our travels. He'd hate to admit it but I was always a better skateboarder. Although, he has travelled to more places than I had, so I guess that makes us even. 

Aside from being my best friend, Thomas is also a full time electrical engineer and an experienced fisherman. As for GoPro related activities, he's giving me valuable input whenever I'm writing a guide or doing research

Mary Hunter - Marketing Specialist & Rock Climber


Yup, you guessed correctly. Mary is Thomas's wife and my dear friend. 

However, we didn't all go to high-school together. I mean, this isn't some teenage TV drama. Mary and Thomas met each other almost a decade ago and they've been travelling together ever since.

In the past, she was a professional rock climber and has years of experience using GoPro cameras as well as other extreme sports accessories. Not only that, but she's a digital marketing specialist and she helped me get GoPro Zone up and running.

I'm ashamed to say this, but for a long time I believed you had to be a rocket scientist to get a website online. 

Future Members of Our Team

The three of us have been like family for more than I can remember. In the future, we're looking to grow our family and share our love of extreme sports and GoPro cameras with the world. 

If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of our team - don't hesitate to contact us