The GoPro Super Suit was released back in 2016, along with HERO5 Black. Needless, to say, it was the perfect GoPro accessory for all extreme sport enthusiasts, specifically divers and ocean-lovers.

The majority of GoPro HERO cameras, starting with HERO4 Session, are all waterproof up to 33ft (10 meters). However, if you want to take your underwater adventures even deeper, you have to get yourself protective housing. This is where Super Suit swoops in to save the day.

GoPro Super Suit Compatibility

The Super Suit is compatible with GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO7 Black, and HERO (2018). Older models use their own underwater protective housing, that used to come together with the camera. Newer models, HERO8 Black and HERO9, aren’t compatible with Super Suit, and also use their own models of protective cases that have to be purchased separately..

Keep in mind that the GoPro Super Suit is not compatible with HERO7 White or Silver.

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GoPro Super Suit Review

Key Features & Specs:
  • Waterproof up to 196ft (60 meters)
  • Built with robust high-quality plastic
  • Includes a skeleton back door for better audio quality
  • Comes with another extra backdoor in case you need a replacement
  • Designed to be compatible with Floaty


  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Allows for perfect underwater recordings and photos
  • Ideal for safeguarding against physical impact
  • Not Compatible with HERO8 or HERO9

GoPro Super Suit Unboxing

When ordering from GoPro’s official store, you get a couple of other things to go along with it, not just the Super Suit.

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • The actual GoPro Super Suit
  • A thumb screw
  • A buckle for mounting
  • Two waterproof backdoors (main and Floaty-compatible)
  • One more backdoor (skeleton)

Why GoPro Super Suit?

In a few words, what does GoPro Super Suit bring to the table?

First, it increases your camera’s underwater capabilities up to 196ft or 60 meters.

While you’ll still need an actual submarine to try and find the lost city of Atlantis, 196ft is more than enough to explore the vibrant flora and fauna of the ocean.

Next, while the GoPro cameras are already very rugged and durable, the Super Suit adds another layer of protection. Its sturdy plastic build will protect your camera from flying debris, scratching, and most physical impact even when you’re not underwater.

This is especially important for anyone who uses their GoPro camera for mountain biking and other high-speed activities.

GoPro Super Suit Build & Design

As already mentioned, the GoPro Super Suit is made out of plastic. I know plastic sounds flimsy and you might be surprised it wasn’t made out of titanium, but that’s just how it is.

Plastic is the perfect material for this type of underwater accessory, as it allows the camera controls to remain fully functional, doesn’t deteriorate underwater (as metal would), and can be made sturdy enough to withstand heavy physical impact.

At the moment of writing, GoPro hasn’t disclosed what exact material Super Suit was made out of. However, after seven years of using different GoPro protective housing models, I’m almost certain the answer is polycarbonate.

GoPro Super Suit Floaty Door

The first of two extra doors you get with the GoPro Super Suit is the “Floaty Door”.

In case you don’t know, Floaty is another GoPro accessory made for underwater adventures. It doesn’t enhance the underwater capabilities in terms of depth, but it helps out by making your GoPro float.

The regular Super Suit door isn’t compatible with Floaty, but the Floaty Door is, so you don’t have to worry about cross-accessory issues.

GoPro Super Suit Skeleton Door

Finally, we have the Skeleton Door, which is something else entirely. It differs from the main Super Suit door by having holes in it. Because of this, make sure you don’t use it for underwater recordings. 

Instead, the skeleton door provides you with better audio quality compared to the regular Super Suit setup, but, in the process, loses the up-to-60m underwater capabilities.

All of this combined makes the Skeleton Door a perfect form of protection for activities such as mountain biking and surfing.

How to Use GoPro Super Suit

When I first got my hands on the Super Suit, I had some trouble setting it up properly. Later, while reading user reviews, I noticed a lot of people had the exact same problem. Here’s the deal:

GoPro Super Suit “Installation”

If you got your protective housing in front of you and you have no idea how to put your GoPro inside the Super Suit, you might think it just doesn’t fit. However, the trick is in first removing your GoPro protective lens cover.

This might feel uncomfortable at first as if you were to break something, but I promise it’s completely fine.

Removing GoPro Lens Protection

The lens protective cover comes with all the HERO models and it serves as a base layer of protection for GoPro users who don’t want to invest in additional accessories such as the Super Suit.

In case your camera falls down lens-first, the lens protection will crack but the actual lens will remain intact. Pretty handy, right? But what about removing the protection completely?

Step 1: Create a Small Gap Between the Lens and the Protection Cover

Whatever you do, don’t just try to pull the lens protection away, as you might break it. First, you need to gently detach it from the lens by creating a small space in between them.

You can do this using your fingers or a tool of some sort, but I don’t recommend it. The perfect method seems to be using a credit card or a cover of a paperback book.

Just try to slide it in between the lens protection and the camera base and you’ll notice it fits there perfectly. After you create a small gap, about a millimeter, you’re ready for step two.

Step 2: Detach the Lens Protection 

This is where it gets quite simple. You can now twist the lens protection either clockwise or counterclockwise. You’ll notice it’s only twistable to about 45 degrees, don’t try to force it any further.

After you perform the twist, gently pull off the lens protection away from the camera.

Congratulations! You can now put your GoPro camera inside the Super Suit and you’ll notice it fits perfectly. Just shut the top latch tight and you’re good to go.

GoPro Super Suit FAQ

Let’s find answers to some of the most often asked questions about GoPro Super Suit:

Can You Leave GoPro Super Suit On All the Time?

Is it safe to do so? Absolutely. Do I recommend it? Not at all.

The GoPro Super Suit creates an additional layer of protection around your camera. This, in turn, lowers your recording audio quality quite a bit. This is no issue when underwater, as sounds are rare and you won’t even notice if they appear a bit muffled. However, when out of the water, you’ll find out it’s a huge difference.

We already talked about the Super Suit Skeleton Door that circumvents the audio quality issue and only provides protection out of the water, so you can use that. However, when you’re not recording any dangerous or underwater activities, you’ll get the best results without the Super Suit on.

GoPro Floaty on Super Suit?

Yes! I mentioned the Floaty Door that comes in the box when you purchase the Super Suit.

Keep in mind that the regular Super Suit door isn’t compatible with Floaty, so make sure you have the right door attached to the protective housing when you aim to use it together with Floaty.

What Happens If I Scratch the Lens Protection on Super Suit?

In case you scratch your regular GoPro lens protection, you can purchase a replacement one. However, if you scratch the Super Suit lens protection, you’d have to purchase a new Super Suit.

Many GoPro users won’t love hearing this, but the Super Suit lens protection is part of the base accessory model, so there’s no way of replacing it. Alternatively, you can try contacting GoPro support, but I doubt they will be able to help you.

Final Verdict on GoPro Super Suit

When it comes to essential GoPro accessories, I definitely believe Super Suit is one of them. Its protective capabilities are second to none, and it allows for underwater adventures that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.


High build quality. Provides top-tier protection for your action camera. Unlikely to require a replacement unless in the case of extreme damage.


A bit complicated to set up. Otherwise, Super Suit is pretty straightforward to use.


Extremely affordable, even compared to off-brand alternatives.

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