Our Research

Welcome to GoPro Zone research archives. Simply put, our mission is to help out everyone, young or old, pro or amateur, who's looking for a perfect action camera. We aim to do so by testing out every single GoPro model that's currently on the market. Guess what? We already tried them all out! However, we'll make sure to get our hands on every GoPro that's about to be released in the future.

Here's a short breakdown of our GoPro camera and accessory testing process:

  1. Compare the pricing of a model across stores from different distributors located all over the world 
  2. After we acquire the camera, we move on to testing physical features to find out whether it's been marketed correctly
  3. Next, and this is my favorite part, we take a look at the actual features: zoom, picture/video quality, slow motion, and everything else
  4. Then, we compare our research (multiple folks testing out the same model at the same time) and debate the results
  5. Finally, we rank the product compared to alternatives on the market, taking into account different needs of our readers

If you'd like to know more or work together with us, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Below, you can keep track of all our research on different GoPro cameras, accessories, as well as in-depth review of individual models. 

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Reviews & Comparisons

Knowledge Base

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