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What video makers like me fear the most is losing footage after spending hours recording it. Data corruption is very frustrating, and it can happen to anyone. You can minimize the chances of data corruption by investing in a good and reliable SD card, yet sometimes you can just be unlucky.

If your footage gets lost in any way, recovering it through software might be your best bet. To help my fellow video makers, I wrote this guide on one of my favorite programs for data recovery. It helped me many times in recovering lost photos and videos and I hope that it will be of help to you also!

Recovering Lost Data Using Wise Data Recovery

Step 1. Go to 

Step 2. Go to products and find Wise Data Recovery

Step 3. Download the free Version or choose one of the pricing plans

wisecleaner price

Step 4. Install Wise Data Recovery

Step 5. Choose the Filetype that you are trying to recover, if you are here because you are looking to recover your GoPro footage, select Pictures, and Video and click "Next".

wisedata file type

Step 6. Select the Hard Drive, SD Card, or USB Drive where you want to recover your files from.

Step 7. After selecting the location you are trying to recover the files from, you will get this screen.

Step 8. Deep scan is completely optional, however, if Quick scans don't work out for you and you don't find your lost files, you should try with a deep scan.

Step 9. Wait for the scanning to complete. (Be patient, deep scans can last for some time)

Step 10. Select the files that you want to recover.

recovered data

Step 11. Click Recover and Select the drive other than the one where you recovered the files from.

Data Corruption: Causes and Avoidance

Data corruption refers to errors that occur while a device is processing, reading, or saving data. It can occur for many different reasons, some of them are preventable, while some of them are unexpected. You can tell that your SD card is corrupted if you are unable to access it or manipulate the data that is stored.

The easiest way to get rid of this is by formatting your SD card, but if there is important footage stored in it, you might want to try out the recovery software we mentioned above.

Common data corruption causes include :
  • Power and battery-related problems
  • Improper shutdowns
  • Hardware problems (Your GoPro might be damaged by a hit)
  • Cheap and unreliable SD cards
  • Bad SD card adapter/USB Cable

As you can see, most of these problems can easily be avoided by being careful with your camera and checking it up occasionally. Have in mind that even if your camera doesn't have any damage on the outside, certain parts on the inside can still be damaged.

How to avoid data corruption and loss :
  • Format a new card as soon as you get it
  • After transferring your files, don't go "Delete", format it instead.
  • Backup your footage whenever you can
  • Eject your card on your computer before pulling it out of your reader
  • Always have more than enough storage
  • Many SD Cards are durable in extreme temperatures, however, its best to keep them somewhere safe.
  • Turn of the camera before removing the card.


We hope that this guide will help you in the future if you happen to lose your files. We also clarified some of the more common causes of data corruption and how to avoid it.

If by some reason data corruption still happens, make sure to follow this tutorial and try out WiseCleaner data recovery.

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