June 14, 2024
gopro thermal imaging

GoPro cameras have revolutionized the world of action photography and videography, allowing adventurers to capture breathtaking moments in high definition. But did you know that your GoPro can do more than just record stunning visuals? With the right accessories and techniques, you can also use your GoPro for thermal imaging, giving you a whole new perspective on the world around you.

By attaching an infrared transmission filter to your GoPro, you can block visible light and only allow infrared wavelengths to reach the sensor. This can be done by placing your GoPro in a cage with a filter mount attached. With the help of a deep infrared filter and shooting in RAW format, you can capture incredible infrared images that reveal unseen details.

Once you’ve captured your thermal images, you can process them using software like Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop. This allows you to convert the images to grayscale and adjust the contrast, enhancing the clarity of the thermal details. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or delving into DIY projects, thermal imaging with your GoPro opens up a world of possibilities for discovery and exploration.

To illustrate the power of GoPro thermal imaging, take a look at the image below:

As you can see, the thermal image captured by a GoPro reveals hidden heat signatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This level of detail can provide valuable insights in various scenarios, from detecting energy inefficiencies in buildings to analyzing the thermal patterns of wildlife. With your GoPro, the possibilities for exploring and understanding the world around you are endless.

In the following sections, we will explore other exciting applications of thermal imaging technology and how you can use it with your smartphone.

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras with Your Smartphone

Thermal imaging technology allows you to see in the dark and differentiate between objects based on their infrared radiation. Infrared cameras that can clip onto smartphones, like the Seek Thermal, are making thermal imaging more accessible.

The Seek Thermal plugs into the power socket of your phone and provides a live thermal image on the screen. It has a detection range of -40 to 330 degrees Celsius and can identify heat sources as far as 2,000 feet away. While it relies on the phone’s battery for power, it offers a portable and versatile solution for tasks like tracing water damage, identifying energy efficiencies, and even for outdoor activities like hunting and camping.

Features Specifications
Detection Range -40 to 330 degrees Celsius
Distance Up to 2,000 feet
Power Source Phone’s Battery
  • Tracing water damage
  • Identifying energy efficiencies
  • Outdoor activities like hunting and camping

Other Applications of Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging cameras have revolutionized various industrial applications, offering advanced solutions for detecting and diagnosing critical issues. Among these applications are:

Partial Discharge Detection

In industries where electrical equipment is utilized, such as power plants and manufacturing facilities, thermal imaging cameras can detect partial discharges in electrical systems. By identifying these discharges early on, companies can prevent costly equipment failures, reduce downtime, and enhance overall safety.

Pressurized Leak Detection

Thermal imaging cameras are invaluable tools for detecting leaks in pressurized systems. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, thermal cameras can quickly identify leaks in pipelines, tanks, and other vessels, minimizing the risk of environmental damage, ensuring compliance with regulations, and preventing equipment failure.

Mechanical Fault Detection

Thermal imaging cameras can pinpoint mechanical faults in various industrial machinery, such as motors, pumps, and bearings. By detecting anomalies in temperature patterns, these cameras enable maintenance teams to identify potential failures before they occur, saving companies significant downtime and repair costs.

Companies like FLIR, a leading provider of thermal imaging solutions, offer specialized thermal imaging cameras designed for specific industrial purposes. For example, the FLIR Si2 is designed for acoustic imaging and can assist in detecting leaks in vacuum systems or identifying steam traps. On the other hand, the FLIR Ex Pro is a professional-grade thermal imaging camera ideal for comprehensive industrial inspections, troubleshooting, and quality control.

These thermal imaging cameras from FLIR provide valuable insights for industries spanning manufacturing, energy, building maintenance, and more. The advanced features and precise imaging capabilities facilitate efficient and accurate detection of issues, supporting proactive maintenance strategies and ensuring optimal performance.

In addition to the industrial applications, FLIR also offers thermal cameras for personal use, such as the FLIR ONE Edge Series for smartphones. These portable devices allow individuals to access the benefits of thermal imaging technology for personal applications, including but not limited to:

Harmful Gas Detection

With FLIR’s thermal cameras designed for smartphones, users can detect and visualize the presence of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and propane. This feature enhances personal safety in various scenarios, including home inspections, camping trips, and emergencies.

Monitoring Fixed-Mount Installations

By utilizing thermal cameras, individuals can monitor the temperature and conditions of fixed-mount installations, such as solar panels or HVAC systems. This enables early detection of malfunctions or abnormalities, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Industrial Acoustic Imaging

FLIR’s thermal cameras also integrate acoustic imaging capabilities, allowing users to visualize sound waves produced by specific sources. By combining the power of thermal and acoustic imaging, these cameras provide comprehensive insights for industrial acoustic analysis, enhancing maintenance, troubleshooting, and quality control procedures.

Thermal imaging technology has evolved beyond its initial applications and is now a crucial tool in various industries. Whether utilized for industrial purposes or personal use, thermal imaging cameras offer a range of benefits, including increased safety, improved efficiency, and cost-effective maintenance strategies.

Next, we’ll conclude our exploration of thermal imaging technology by summarizing the key highlights and applications discussed throughout the article.


Thermal imaging technology presents a world of possibilities for both exploration and practical applications. With the right accessories and techniques, GoPro cameras can be transformed into powerful tools for thermal imaging, enabling users to capture unseen details in their adventures. By attaching an infrared transmission filter to block visible light, these cameras can capture infrared images that open up a whole new way of experiencing the world.

For those who seek convenience and affordability in thermal imaging, portable infrared cameras that clip onto smartphones, like the Seek Thermal, provide an excellent solution. With the ability to plug into a smartphone and display live thermal images, these cameras offer a versatile option for tasks such as tracing water damage, identifying energy efficiencies, and even for outdoor activities like hunting and camping.

Moreover, thermal imaging technology finds its place in various industrial applications, offering invaluable insights and enhancing safety measures. Companies like FLIR produce specialized thermal imaging cameras for industrial use, catering to specific needs such as detecting mechanical faults, pressurized leaks, and even acoustic imaging. In addition, FLIR also offers thermal cameras for personal use, allowing individuals to monitor conditions in fixed-mount installations, detect harmful gases, and engage in industrial acoustic imaging.

Whether you are an adventurer seeking unseen wonders, a DIY enthusiast looking to enhance your projects, or an industry professional in need of reliable insights, thermal imaging technology is revolutionizing the way we explore and solve problems. From GoPro cameras to smartphone attachments, thermal imaging applications are at our fingertips, providing us with unparalleled opportunities for discovering hidden details and making informed decisions. So, step into the world of thermal imaging, and unlock a new dimension of exploration and problem-solving.


Can GoPro cameras be used for thermal imaging?

Yes, GoPro cameras can be used for thermal imaging by attaching an infrared transmission filter to block visible light and allow only infrared wavelengths to reach the sensor.

How can I capture infrared images with my GoPro camera?

To capture infrared images with your GoPro camera, you need to shoot in RAW format and use a deep infrared filter. The images can then be processed using software like Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop to convert them to grayscale and adjust contrast.

What can thermal imaging technology be used for on smartphones?

Thermal imaging technology on smartphones, like the Seek Thermal, allows users to see in the dark and differentiate between objects based on their infrared radiation. It can be used for tasks like tracing water damage, identifying energy efficiencies, and even for outdoor activities like hunting and camping.

What are some industrial applications of thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras have various industrial applications, including partial discharge detection, pressurized leak detection, and mechanical fault detection. They can provide valuable insights in industries like manufacturing, energy, and building maintenance.

What are some thermal imaging cameras offered by FLIR?

FLIR offers a range of thermal imaging cameras designed for specific purposes, such as the FLIR Si2 for acoustic imaging and FLIR Ex Pro for professional use. They also offer thermal cameras for personal use, such as the FLIR ONE Edge Series for smartphones.

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