July 25, 2024
custom gopro mounts

When it comes to capturing epic moments with your GoPro, having the right mount is essential. In this article, we will explore the world of custom GoPro mounts and how they can enhance your adventures. We’ll delve into the different types of mounts available, their unique features, and the advantages they offer. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an outdoor enthusiast, or a professional videographer, there is a custom GoPro mount designed specifically for you.

Fixed GoPro Mounts for Stable Shots

When it comes to capturing those perfect shots with your GoPro camera, stability is key. The Fixed GoPro Mount offers a reliable and secure solution to ensure your footage is rock solid, even in the most challenging environments.

The highlight of the Fixed GoPro Mount is its innovative design, which incorporates a custom-designed 3D printed adapter. This adapter allows for easy attachment of your GoPro directly to a RAM Mount suction cup, eliminating the need for long lever arms that can result in shaky videos.

Installation is a breeze with the supplied screws, ensuring a secure and stable mount for your camera. Plus, the Fixed GoPro Mount is compatible with a standard GoPro Mounting Base, providing even more versatility.

With the Fixed GoPro Mount, you can confidently embark on your off-roading adventures, extreme sports activities, or any other thrilling pursuits, knowing that your camera is securely mounted for solid shots. Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to professional-quality videos!

Adjustable GoPro Mounts for Versatile Angles

If you’re looking to capture dynamic shots from different angles, the Adjustable GoPro Mount is the ideal solution. This versatile mount incorporates a RAM Mount with a ball, a 3-inch double socket arm, and an action camera ball mount. With its adjustable design, you can easily position your GoPro to achieve the perfect angle for your shots.

The double socket arm provides increased adjustability, allowing you to capture unique perspectives and creative compositions. Whether you’re filming extreme sports, documenting your outdoor adventures, or capturing stunning landscapes, the adjustable GoPro mount gives you the flexibility you need.

Designed for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, the mount allows you to shoot in landscape orientation for widescreen footage. This is particularly useful when capturing scenic vistas or capturing multiple subjects in the frame.

Thanks to the thumb screw included with the mount, attaching your GoPro camera shell is quick and secure. This ensures that your camera remains firmly in place throughout your activities, providing stability and peace of mind.

The Adjustable GoPro Mount is a must-have accessory for any GoPro enthusiast who wants to expand their creative possibilities. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a professional videographer, this mount offers you the flexibility and versatility to capture stunning footage from any angle.

Specification Table: Adjustable GoPro Mount

Mount Component Description
RAM Mount with Ball A durable and reliable mount with a ball joint for easy adjustment
3-inch Double Socket Arm Provides additional length for increased adjustability
Action Camera Ball Mount Securely holds the GoPro camera
Thumb Screw Enables quick and secure attachment of the camera shell
Compatibility Compatible with all GoPro models

With its durable construction and customizable positioning, the Adjustable GoPro Mount is an essential tool for capturing dynamic and captivating footage. Don’t limit yourself to static shots; unleash your creativity with adjustable GoPro mounts!

Suction Cup Tether for Added Security

When it comes to capturing your adventurous moments with your GoPro camera, ensuring a secure attachment is essential. That’s where the suction cup tether comes in! This ingenious solution provides added peace of mind by creating a reliable connection between your camera and the mount.

The suction cup tether consists of a robust RAM Mount suction cup base and a custom-designed 3D printed tether adapter. The adapter seamlessly integrates with the suction cup, offering a secure attachment point for your GoPro camera. This means you can confidently attach your camera to any smooth surface, knowing that it will stay firmly in place throughout your thrilling activities.

To further enhance its reliability, the suction cup tether is constructed using a durable 550 Paracord. This high-strength cord is known for its exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring that your GoPro remains safely tethered even in challenging conditions. The inclusion of Nite Ize S-Biners makes attaching and detaching the tether a breeze, providing convenience without compromising security.

Whether you’re capturing extreme sports, off-road adventures, or stunning landscape shots, the suction cup tether is your ultimate tool for added security. So you can focus on the moment and unleash your creativity, knowing that your GoPro camera is firmly attached and ready to capture every breathtaking detail.


Can I use custom GoPro mounts with any GoPro camera?

Yes, custom GoPro mounts are designed to be compatible with all GoPro camera models.

Are custom GoPro mounts easy to install?

Yes, custom GoPro mounts are designed for easy installation. They typically come with all the necessary screws and mounting bases, making the setup process quick and hassle-free.

Can I use a custom GoPro mount for underwater photography?

Yes, there are custom GoPro mounts specifically designed for underwater use. These mounts are waterproof and provide a secure attachment for capturing stunning footage below the surface.

Are custom GoPro mounts durable?

Yes, custom GoPro mounts are made from high-quality materials such as 3D printed adapters and RAM Mount components, ensuring they are robust and able to withstand rugged conditions.

Can I use a custom GoPro mount with other action cameras?

While custom GoPro mounts are primarily designed for GoPro cameras, some mounts may also be compatible with other action camera models. It’s always best to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Are custom GoPro mounts suitable for extreme sports?

Yes, custom GoPro mounts are specifically designed to hold up during extreme sports activities. They offer a secure attachment that ensures your camera remains intact, even during intense movements.

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